About Us

The initial thought leading to creation of Aerolife was conceived in summer 2012. The intent was to introduce aviation to the public and to share information and experience from our projects to anybody who might find them useful.

This vision was reinforced after the succesful 4500 km flight through Western Europe, the Eurotrip 2012. We have established cooperation with media which was further expanded after a New Year's Eve flight of 5 aircraft over Prague.

The initiative receives its final shape with Moroccan Tour 2013. In May 2013, almost a year after the first idea, we have launched a website with all our newly acquired knowledge from our events. To make things official, we have established an association and started partnerships with a number of enterprises.

Among our present members, there are pilots, photographers, designers, mechanics, programmers, TV hosts and countless others. Thanks to their support, we are able to carry out projects which we believe can become an inspiration and motivation for future plans of many courageous, adventurous people.

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