Moroccan Tour 2013


Our Moroccan Tour took place in summer 2013. The route led from Hamburg, Germany, through France, Spain and Gibraltar to Morocco. In the second half of the journey, we planned the route to lead along the Mediterranean Coast from Gibraltar all the way to Venice, Italy...


New Year In The Air


The thought of spending a New Year’s Eve this way occurred to us in autumn 2012. At first, we weren’t sure if it would actually be possible. However, after consulting a few experienced flight instructors and verifying with the Air Traffic Control that there are no restrictions in place for low level traffic, we started to believe that we would eventually be able to carry on with the flight...



Eurotrip 2012


The purpose of this article is not to highlight an aviation trip throughout western Europe but rather to share our experience and to help in making the airspace of foreign countries’ airspace more accessible for all Czech pilots who would like to fly abroad. That being said, I will describe the entire project in as much detail as possible from its origins through the actual flying to the conclusion of the event...






Flying 4 People


Flying For People is the very first event in the Czech Republic combining meetings of notable aviation personalities, representatives of aerospace companies and universities under a singe roof. It is intertwined with an accompanying program of lectures, exhibitions of both modern and historical aircraft and unique photographs.

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